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Oct 31 2020
Rugby Player Comes Out + Trumper Dirty Tricks In Texas, Florida + What Kyle Rittenhouse Did After Shooting 2 People + Colton Ford Q&A + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Obama/Biden for Biden/Harris in Michigan.

BELOW: Keep reading for a rugby star's coming-out confession, Trumpers chasing Biden staff out of Texas, voting shenanigans and more ...

Dan-Palmer-rugby-gay-boyculturePalmer after a skirmish on the field. (Image via video still)

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Dan Palmer, only the second Australian rugby player to come out as gay (after Gareth Thomas), says he saw death as preferable to being discovered before he decided to live openly and honestly. He writes:

A feeling of not quite being worthy, regardless of how you act or present yourself – not a feeling of just being different, but being different in a way that somehow makes you less. How such a feeling manifests is anybody’s guess.

Wherever it comes from though, however it is developed or cultivated, it certainly makes one less inclined to advertise their differences.

Biden-harris-texas-harassment-boycultureA Trump convoy swarmed this Biden/Harris bus. (Image via Twitter)

MSN: A posse of Trump supporters surrounded and intimidated Biden/Harris vehicles heading to events in Texas. They were proud of it, posting their handiwork on social media. So much for the land of the free.

HUFF POST: This is how easy it will be for Biden to win, and for Trump to lose.

CBS4 MIAMI: After whistleblower footage of countless ballots piled in a USPS facility went viral, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has called for a postal audit and for any and all ballots in distribution centers to be immediately delivered to the Board of Elections.

USDC SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS: Republicans are in court trying to have 100,000 Texas votes discarded because they were obtained via curbside voting in a pandemic, even though a court already approved this method. The reason they're flipping out is Dems really might win in Texas.

WAPO: Evil genius Rupert Murdoch says Trump is toast, but he's cool with it, believing Fox News will be able to feed the need for Biden conspiracy theories. Why can't he just drop dead already?

STANFORD: Trump's super spreader rallies have reportedly caused 30,000 COVID-19 cases, and 700 deaths. Thank you to Anderson Cooper for taking on Trump's insidious lie that hospitals are pretending people are dying of COVID-19 in order to rake in cash:

INSTAGRAM: Joe Biden, for the win:

HERALD & REVIEW: Accused Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, cried, threw up and worried about his social media past after telling cops, “I shot two white kids.” Also, his mother is a monster:

The teen also had a tense exchange with his mother, Wendy, who was not convinced her son had killed anybody. Rittenhouse insisted he had "ended a man's life."

“He's dead,” he said, according to a report by Sgt. Nicholas Garcia.

“Wendy then raised her voice and said 'we don't know that!'” the report states.

Colton-ford-woop-gay-porn-boycultureFord strong (Image via Woop Woop Productions)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Former porn star and current daddy/singer Colton Ford opens up.

THE GUARDIAN: Japan has so-called “love hotels” for sex trysts, but it turns out many owners want no part of man-on-man action.

INSTAGRAM: Incredibly, the in-cred-i-ble Lee Grant is 95 today!