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Oct 02 2020
Lovely Lenny + Steve Grand Forever + Who Knew Trump Had COVID-19, And When? + Mike Lee: Super Spreader + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I laffed.

BELOW: Keep reading for sexy Lenny Kravitz, the multitude of ways in which Trump and other GOPers have tanted COVID-19 and more ...

I wasn't planning to, but sure, I'll go your way. (Image by Mark Seliger/Men's Health)

MEN'S HEALTH: Lenny Kravitz is 56, but his body is come on over.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Some A-hole sucker-punched Rick Moranis — for no reason! WE WILL FIND YOU.

Steve-grand-underarms-shirtless-gay-boycultureSteve's barely-any-clothing line is making waves. (Image via WIREMAG)

KENNETH IN THE (212): All of the week's tastiest mags!

NYT: Trump's symptoms are a fever, congestion and a cough. He has received an infusion of an experimental drug, which is ... troubling. If he is doing decently well, why not just give him the latest and greatest? Why make the leader of the free world a guinea pig?

CBS NEWS: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, #3 in case Trump (#1) and Pence (#2) are too ill to function, tested negative for the coronavirus today.

BLOOMBERG: The White House was hoping to keep Hope Hicks's coronavirus diagnosis private. Game that one out a bit! She was in close proximity to the following in the 48 hours leading up to her diagnosis, but she and the White House were preparing to keep it a secret. Also meaty info in this report, some of Trump's aides detected symptoms in him on Wednesday but hoped it was from his schedule:

Some of Trump’s closest aides said they sensed on Wednesday that Trump was feeling poorly but they chalked it up to fatigue from an intense campaign schedule. The president seemed exhausted, one person familiar with the situation said.

Based on when he was most infectious, I don't think the Bidens are free and clear for another several days. They should be tested daily.

HUFF POST: Trump mixed and mingled with people, mask-free, at a New Jersey event Thursday — after he knew he had been exposed to Hope Hicks, who had a positive test.

DAILY BEAST: Fox News's Chris Wallace opened up on Friday morning about the Trumps' diagnoses, underscoring how outrageous it was that Trump's family refused to wear masks at the first (and last?) presidential debate. He also said that Dr. Scott Atlas, an advisor to Trump, who said he thinks the Trumps will make a full recovery:

... is not an epidemiologist, is not an infectiouso disease specialist. He has no training in this area at all.

More troubling, Wallace has spilled the beans that the entire campaigns of Biden and Trump — due to arriving the afternoon of the first presidential debate — were not even tested! They were on an honor system due to timing. That means it's quite possible someone in Trump's entourage (Hope?) already had a positive test and didn't speak up.

Chris-wallace-scott-atlas-fox-news-boycultureWallace described Dr. Atlas as “a political figure with an ax to grind.” (Image via video still)

POSITIVELY FOX 47 (SERIOUSLY): Minnesota health officials are urging attendees of Trump's super spreader rally on Wednesday to consider getting a coronavirus test, as transmission in that county had already been high.

TWITTER: Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) was huggin' up on people at the White House event to announce Amy Coney Barrett (Barrett suddenly revealed she recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year; Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, who attended her announcement, just tested positive). He tested negative that day, but by Thursday, he had symptoms, was tested, and is now positive and in isolation for 10 days. (Not long enough.)

The very same day he tested positive, he insisted on speaking maskless for over an hour in a room with other senators. These included Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and Sen. Grassley of Iowa, both 87, Sen. Cruz of Texas, Sen. Cornyn of Texas and Sen. Hirono of Hawaii, who is a cancer survivor.

ABC NEWS: Joe Biden, speaking in Michigan, emphasizes the importance of wearing a damn mask:

TWITTER:DeAnna Lorraine, the most idiotic person to ever run for Congress, thinks it's odd that most of the famous people to test positive for COVID-19 lately are Republicans ... who have politicized mask-wearing and social distancing.

Deanna-lorraine-boycultureScience ... it's not just for Democrats anymore! (Image via Twitter)

INSTAGRAM: Mmm ... Ed Fury ...