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Oct 09 2020
Enjoy This Ripp + Trump Sons Eager To Spread COVID-19 + Pelosi's 25th Amendment Mind-Fuck + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I've got his back.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ripp Baker, the Trump family COVID-19 super spreaders, Pelosi's 25th Amendment mind-fuck and more ...

Boys-magazine-ripp-baker-boycultureGet a Ripp (Image by Jim Jordan for Boys)

KENNETH IN THE (212): The weekly round-up of gay mags.

CNN: Notre Dame's John Jenkins attended Amy Coney Barrett's #RoseGardenMassacre and got COVID-19 for his trouble Now, he may also get a pink slip.

TWITTER: Eric Trump got all huggy with random people in North Carolina at a campaign event, because COVID-19 is now easily fixable for the masses! And Don Jr. did the same thing in Florida, packing 'em in (indoors and out) at events meant to prove that science is an opinion:

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: The COVID-19 treatment Trump is raving about, that he says helped him so much, was — in fact — derived using cells from an abortion. Regeneron has confirmed this.

POLITICO: Pelosi is pushing a perfectly reasonable bill that would clarify how to get transfer presidential power should any Commander-in-Chief become incapacitated without specifically making any provisions for it. It's crazy, but there are holes in the Constitution as to how this would happen. No, it won't be used on Trump. But it definitely got under his skin.

TWITTER: The USPS gets a sense of humor, employs Newman to trash Trump: