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Nov 02 2020
Another OnlyFans Model Comes Out As Pro-COVID Comments (0)

Onlyfans-rocky-vallarta-covid-19-coronavirus-boycultureHe is literally cheering the deaths of people's parents, grandparents and friends. (Images via Twitter)

Rocky Vallarta does not have very high self-esteem. In an exchange with a fan on Twitter, he blew off COVID-19 and wrote that he's survived it and other things in spite of self-destructive behavior. That's on him.

Porn Actor Quin Quire to COVID-19 Sufferers: “F You”

Then, he followed up by cheering the virus on, proclaiming himself Team #BoomerRemover.

Maybe we need to re-think the positive, sexually freeing effects of hedonistic platforms. I've thought for a while there is a dark vibe to some of these people, relentlessly seeking sex to film without boundaries. This kind of outburst gives that vibe a name or two — self-loathing, sociopathy.

Not every narcissist online is evil, and not every sex worker doesn't care if others die, but it would probably be helpful to weed out the ones who do.

He's here if you want to double-check whether you're helping to pay his bills.