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Nov 17 2020
GOPers In Michigan Refuse To Certify Election Results Comments (0)

Monica-palmer-wayne-county-boycultureMonica aka Karen Palmer (Image via ABC7)

Because every board of canvassers in Michigan is made up for an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, the Wayne County Board has missed its deadline to certify the results of the presidential election — seems that the Republicans won't admit defeat.

More specifically, Monica Palmer, a GOPer already dogged by ethics investigations, has said she won't certify specifically the Detroit results. Because apparently a city that is about 78% Black, and whose Black voters voted for Trump at a rate of over 90% shouldn't count.

The state board will intervene to certify, but this was part of a calculated coup attempt by Trump and his enablers. The fact that they tried is important.

UPDATE: Three hours after national outrage, the board voted unanimously to certify.