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Nov 15 2020
Best Butt Of 2020?! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man: We think we have a definite contender for the best butt scene of 2020 … the delicious Guillaume Labbé in The Hook Up Plan. French, tall, dark, handsome — he's checking off several of the right boxes.  

The Hook Up Plan is about a young heartbroken woman in Paris who can't get over her ex. Her BFF is annoyed with this wallowing, so she discreetly hires an escort to help seduce her friend. The plan goes too well and her friend develops feelings for the hired guy … you can see how this get all hot and heavy.

Needless to say, Guillaume steals the show and our hearts.

This Parisian heartthrob can just throw all his shirts away with pronounced pecs like that and let’s talk about his perfectly smooth and plump ass.