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Nov 25 2020
I'm Coming (Of Age)!: The Sizzling Argentinean Film YOUNG HUNTER Comments (0)

Today, Mr. Man heads way down south ... to South America, where the hunks are hot, the sun kisses the skin, and the boys like to explore each other. We are specifically looking at the gay coming-of-age drama called Young Hunter.

This Spanish-language movie follows an emerging adult named Ezequiel, played by Juan Pablo Cestaro. His family goes on a month-long vacation which leaves him home alone for a full 30 days. This horny hottie makes it his mission to get laid while they are away. Luckily for the audience, he has his eyes on some of his hot Argentinian friends.

Ezequiel first goes shirtless in his bathing suit when he hangs out with Tomas Aguero. He checks out shirtless Tomas' bathing-suit bulge as he lounges on the diving board — and it’s a hard to miss.

We see so much more from Juan when he hooks up with Lautaro Rodriguez, who plays Mono. The two chiseled hotties are shirtless in their bathing suits with Lautaro showing off a tattoo on his muscular pec.

They make out in another scene and we also get to see Juan Pablo's beautiful buns.

Consider the young men of Young Hunter captured by our spank bank!