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Nov 14 2020
Bulging With Possibilities + Melissa McCarthy's Apology + Parler's Roots + Million MAGA March Madness + How Giuliani Shot Trump In The Foot + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If a mag didn't exist for this photo to cover, one would have to be created.

BELOW: Keep reading for a model citizen, Trump's fizzled march, Melissa McCarthy: accidentally anti-gay, how Giuliani fucked Trump and more ...

Male-model-underwear-shirtless-boycultureCODE 22 breaker (Image by Joan Crisol for DNA)

DNA: Juan by Joan Crisol for DNA. (If you dig underwear, Modus Vivendi's got a gift guide ... and BOY15 should get you 15% off.)

WSJ: Parler is run by the Cambridge Analytica people. This ... won't end well.

PINK NEWS: Three Polish women face prison for sharing imagery of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo.

INSTAGRAM: Good for Melissa McCarthy — she was attached to a charitable effort that embraced an anti-LGBTQ group and is emotionally apologizing:

EXTRATV: Rick Moranis's alleged assailant was spotted on the NYC subway system and arrested, blocks from where he is thought to have cold-cocked the beloved actor.

GR8ERDAYS: The upcoming reunion of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is teased in a new trailer.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Hot, mustachioed Mustache-guys-boyculturegents.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Something like 15,000 people showed up in D.C. to protest (checks notes) the free and fair election that ended with displeasing (Trump lost bigly) results. They're claiming it was more than a million. The event's various hashtags were, by the way, hijacked.

NBC NEWS: A court has voided acting Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf's shut-down of DACA protections after ruling that Wolf acted ... wait for it ... illegally.

POLITICO: Apparently, that ridiculous presser Giuliani held at the Four Seasons (Total Landscaping) put the kibosh on some elaborate legal planning the Trump campaign had laid in order to muddy the election.

ONLYFANS: I just posted the kind of close-up on someone's dad we all wish we could have on a daily basis. (And my account is just $9.99 a month.)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW HERE): Pretty psyched my Gr8erDays IG has attracted 1,000 new follows within the past 24 hours — a 20% growth! Thanks to Queerty — it seems to have been Marlon Brando's hamhocks. Latest add — a fun snippet introducing you to the late, great Dona Drake: