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Nov 28 2020
DIAPER DON Explained Comments (0)

Noel-casler-diaper-don-trump-meidas-touch-boycultureThere are plenty of questionable videos related to Casler's claims ... (Image via video still)

Noel Casler, who worked on The Celebrity Apprentice with Trump — and who never allowed himself to be paid to keep quiet — has now explained at length why he called Trump Diaper Don in an, er, explosive new video:

I don't think it's HA-HA, INCONTINENCE! so much as it's:

(1) His drug use causes this very obviously undesirable condition

(2) He belittles people mercilessly about far less embarrassing conditions

(3) He is such a narcissist he has no shame about shitting his pants and being tended to because he comports himself like a god-king