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Nov 06 2020
Outlets Begin To Call It For Biden Comments (0)

200No concession? No problem! (GIF via GIPHY)

Decision Desk HQ and BusinessInsider — not exactly marquee outlets — have called the U.S. presidential race for Joe Biden following Biden taking the lead, as expected, in Pennsylvania.

He is also ahead in every other outstanding state — Arizona, Nevada and even Georgia — except North Carolina.

If these all hold, he will take the White House with 306 electoral college votes, matching Trump's 2016 win, and doing it with more popular votes than any candidate in history.

Fun Facts:

Trump will become the first one-term president since George H.W. Bush, and one of only a handful in the past hundred years. (H.W., Carter, Ford, Hoover, Taft)

Kamala Harris is the first woman VP, the first Black VP, the first Asian-American VP and the first woman and Asian-American to ascend to either of the top two slots of the executive branch.

Biden flipped Georgia (first Democratic vote since 1992, which was for southerner Bill Clinton) and probably Arizona (last two times it went blue were 1996, again to Clinton, and 1948). He won back the states formerly known as the blue wall: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.