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Nov 21 2020
Nude Dutch Dude + Conversion Therapy Returns To Florida + Trump Continues To Fight For Michigan, A State He Lost + Ricky Schroder, White Supremacist + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That this is Dan Savage's partner is why he believes It Gets Better.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ricky Schroder's white supremacy, a Dutch dude in the nude, Trump's desperate attempt to swing Michigan (a state he legit lost by 150,000+ votes) and more ...

Cemal-hazebroekin-netherlands-boycultureThis is a lifestyle I can embrace. (Image via Instagram/@boxersnl)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): I don't know Netherlands lifestyle TV host Cemal Hazebroek, but he looks great absolutely naked. I mean, this is a doctor's-eye view! (He's someone's dad now.)

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Ugh. A divided federal appeals court on Friday struck down Florida's ban on conversion therapy. Noteworthy: One of the judges on that decision was Barbara Lagoa, who had beens been as among Trump's top picks for Ginsburg's seat, which went to Amy Coney Barrett. (P.S. There are still 59 days until President Biden. Plenty of time for Thomas to retire and Lagoa to be installed. Just saying!!!)

POLITICO: Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for COVID-19. Sadly, he's doing well. Giuliani's son Andrew also has it. (He works for Trump, natch.)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Do you like men in mustaches?

Ricky-schroder-parler-boycultureLast one in the cesspool's a rotten egg! (Image via Twitter)

GR8ERDAYS: Yikes! In light of the fact that Ricky Schroder, 50, has donated a significant sum (reportedly $150,000) to bail accused Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail, recall that The Champ (1979) starred white supremacist/serial domestic abuser Schroder, ultra right-wing nut Jon Voight and all-around nightmare Faye Dunaway — and was directed by credibly accused sexual abuser Franco Zeffirelli!

Schroder-dunaway-voight-the-champ-gr8erdaysJust burn it! (Image via MGM)

By the way, Ricky only donated in order to tell Kyle's life story, perhaps in a documentary, which actually sounds like a sound investment:

RUIN MY WEEK: Dude goes viral for knocking on people's doors and asking what they do for a living, since their homes are so nice. Yes, he is white.

POLITICO: Trump invited some of Michigan's kookiest GOPers to the White House to persuade them to throw him the election. Even they won't play ball. Or will they ... ? They were spotted drinking $795 Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel at midnight the day of their meeting, and today, November 21, the RNC is requesting that Michigan delay its vote certification for 14 days in order to audit the ballots in the state's largest — and Blackest — county. The board has two GOPers and two Dems on it. They're supposed to meet on Monday to certify the election results, but can certify any time within the next 20 days. Trump's goal has been to delay, delay, delay in the hopes of finding something, causing Dems to lose their nerve and offer him concessions or to fuck with the constitutionality of late certifications.

THE HILL: By the way, Biden has now beaten Trump by more than 6 million votes. He is now 185,443 away from 80M.

HUFF POST: Right-wing site The Washington Examiner has warned Trump he should accept defeat and move on.

NYDN: Interesting. The Arizona lunatic who destroyed a Target mask display is now saying she was losing her mind due to QAnon, and is writing a memoir. In less promising news, it is called You Can't Cancel Me.

CBS BOSTON: A man in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, on a hiking trail spit at two other hikers and declared that he has COVID-19. Oddly, the man who did the spitting apparently did it because the other two hikers weren't wearing masks (he had one under his chin) and he said they were selfish. They were hiking outdoors — no need for a mask, and if he really did have COVID-19 he shouldn't be outside at all, sooooo:

INSTAGRAM: Who doesn't love Goldie Hawn?!