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Nov 13 2020
Intrepid Interviewer Tracked Down + Naked Daredevil + Joint Chief vs. Dictator Trump + Gay BJ On GREY'S + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Steve-grand-axis-ass-butt-booty-gay-muscles-boycultureThe dude squatting was paid to do this. (Image via Instagram Stories)

ABOVE: Steve Grand had been leaning away from doing a calendar shoot this year. Happily, he leaned back into it.

BELOW: Bluntest interviewer ever interviewed, naked daredevil, gay BJ on network TV and more ...

Gloss-shirtless-muscles-gay-boycultureGood chair day (Image via Gloss)

KENNETH IN THE (212): A weekly look at the gay mags.

VULTURE: Leta Powell Drake of Nebraska for decades did the most blunt, off-putting interviews of hapless stars who were just trying to promote their latest projects, but who wound up being grilled about co-star feuds, their personal lives and why their last gigs were canceled. Made Twitter-famous by a recent mash-up of her most awkward moments, Drake — who is in her 80s and still kicking — spoke to Vulture about the newfound fame and her long, strange career.

One of her most cringeworthy:

YAHOO! NEWS: Trump's estranged niece Mary Trump warns that he is likely to “break things” on his way out the door. Unlike a disgrunted tenant or fired employee, when you are POTUS, the things you can break might be unfixable.

Adam-lockwood-naked-daredevil-boycultureThis scares me, but I'm available to spot him. (Image via Adam Lockwood)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Daredevil Adam Lockwood is, well, hung.

TWITTER: Geraldo Rivera read an open letter to Trump, begging him to leave with dignity (after buttering him up):

NYT: The unbearable whiteness of being Mike Pence.

TWITTER (FOLLOW HERE): Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley gives rousing speech about the sanctity of the Constitution that seems to re-up the military's commitment to the document, not to any one person. Like Trump:

HUFF POST: Gloves off! Conservative SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito — nominated by George W. Bush, who has undergone a dramatic image makeover since his toxic presidency — just gave a nakedly partisan speech to the Federalist Society, the organization that has produced all the conservative justice picks for 20 years. In it, he decried Obergefell, the decision that made same-sex marriage legal across the country, yet another hint a conservative-majority Court could overturn it in the near future, and invalidating thousands of gay marriages.

THE HILL: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) has to be the most ignorant medical doctor in the world. He states that everyone who has survived COVID-19 is now immune, and should go out and celebrate it. There is zero reason to believe they're immune.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Timothy Olyphant vs. Josh Duhamel — who has the better bulge?

ADVOCATE: On Grey's Anatomy, it was Jake Borelli's anatomy that was the focus of a scene in which a fellow doc (Alex Landi) sucks him off off-camera. Masks on!

Jake-borelli-oral-sex-gay-greys-anatomy-boycultureBut the masks stay on ... (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: Happy 65th to Whoopi Goldberg!