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Nov 03 2020
LGBTQ Candidates' Time To Shine + Trump Projected To Lose By (Checks Notes) Everyone + Trump vs. Gaga + Amazing Gay Dad + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A thirst trap that reminds you to drink water.

BELOW: Keep reading for LGBTQ candidates, Trump's (almost) nonexistent chances of winning, the Pope believes in takesy-backsies, Gaga for Biden, an amazing gay dad of three and more ...

Ritchie-torres-roger-montoya-jessica-katzenmeyer-boycultureRitchie Torres (L), Roger Montoya (U R) & Jessica Katzenmeyer (L R) (Images via NY Pride, CNN & Twitter)

NEWNEWNEXT: Over 500 out candidates are on the ballot this cycle. Check out a dozen of the most high-profile queer people striving to make a difference, and in need of your vote.

SABATO'S CRYSTAL BALL: The exacting political science of Larry Sabato's predictions is often a go-to for the media. This year, he sees Biden comfortably cruising to victory with 321 EVs to Trump's 217, sees a narrow victory for Dems in the Senate of 50-48 (with two run-offs, both in Georgia) and a gain of 10 seats in the House for Dems. I'd be thrilled, though I'm sad to see he and others are seeing the execrable Sen. Joni Ernst pulling it out in what-the-fuck-happened-to-you-people? Iowa.

ELECTORAL-VOTE.COM: A roundup of predictive sites reveals that not one expert sees Biden having less than the required 270 EVs — even before toss-ups are factored in. The most right-leaning site has Biden at 278. The site that is most bullish for Biden, The Economist, gives him 350. Others show Biden could go even higher, depending on where the toss-ups land. For Trump to win, it would be an upset several magnitudes greater than 2016 — and that one was big.

HUFF POST: The Pope was jk about same-sex civil unions.

Frankie-goes-to-hollywood-boycultureNone of them suck! (Images via uDiscover Music)

PRE-ORDER: Three Frankie Goes to Hollywood albums will be reissued, thus making the Pleasuredome great again!

THE GUARDIAN: Dr. Birx, perhaps realizing Trump is toast, has spoken out of turn, contradicting her boss on coronavirus. In her opinion, we need to go all-out because the virus is heading into its deadliest phase.

ATTITUDE: Lady Gaga has come out strong for Biden, and has taken hits for it (mainly because she is anti-fracking and Biden is not). Appearing in Pennsylvania, she stumped for Joe and sang Shallow and You and I. Trump, also in Pennsylvania, took the bait, saying Gaga:

... is not too good … I could tell you stories about Lady Gaga. I know a lot of stories.

I imagine he is dog-whistling to QAnon.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Cristiano Ronaldo in underwear.

NBC NEWS: Meet José Rolón, an NYC gay dad who is raising three kids in the wake of his partner's sudden death. He's also owning trolls:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Thicc and hairy.

BC/EFA: The charity stream I Put a Spell on You raised over $239K for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! It's also great entertainment:

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Cycle jock Raymond van der Biezen with no clothes on at all.

Biceps-muscles-video stillraymon-van-der-biezenDon't START with him! (Image via video still)