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Nov 24 2020
What Material Is Best For Sex Toys? Comments (0)

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Men use sex toys for different purposes. Some utilize them to get pleasure when they're alone. Others use them to enhance their sexual life.

Either way, both parties have to pay closer attention to the elements that their sex gadgets are made from. These products are very intimate, and it's vital to be certain that a toy won't cause harm.

In the post below, we'll review the most popular elements sex toys can be created from. It will narrow your search by avoiding potentially dangerous items!

Harmful Substances

Let's begin with the worst elements of which sex toys can be manufactured. If you notice that a toy you want to purchase implies one of those materials below, remove it from your cart or return it to a retailer.

Jelly Rubber

This substance was groundbreaking for a while. It became trendy due to its softness that helps make sex toys feel realistic. Unfortunately, this element implies phthalates, which can have a devastating impact on the body. Researches show that phthalates can cause a lot of health problems.

These days, jelly rubber isn't the only element that delivers a great experience. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to a product's packaging before purchasing it.


This one is also on the list due to phthalates. It should be noted that children's toys made with phthalates are against the law, yet adult sex toys aren't regulated.

If you already have any toys made of this material and you like them, use condoms to keep your body safe.


This material aims to deliver the “real feel” experience by imitating the human skin. CyberSkin is used for producing masturbators only. It's a great and very popular material. However, it has one disadvantage: CyberSkin is quite porous. Also, the type of toys that are produced from this material is hard to wash well. As a consequence, it can create a favorable environment for bacteria and infections.

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It is one of the most widespread elements for producing sex toys. Mostly it's used in cheap products. The primary signs of a poor-quality rubber toy are tangy odor and dull color. Frankly speaking, there are no important reasons to restrict using rubber toys. However, you should know that they can cause allergic reactions.

Safe Materials

Did you remember the list of the materials that you should avoid? If so, let's move further. Down below, there is a list of the top safe materials in sex toys. They are body-safe, so that you can use them with no fear.


It should be noted that only 100%-silicone playthings are harmless for your body. This element is soft, has no odor, and has a bright color. Also, silicone toys are easy to clean, as they can withstand high temperatures. Thereupon, you can wipe all the bacteria from a silicone toy. However, not all of the silicone toys are dishwasher-safe.

Stainless Steel

This element is very popular, as metal toys are sleek. Also, they’re much heavier than silicone or rubber. It is also safe for the body as it doesn't provoke any allergic reactions and health problems.

Also, metal toys can be easily cleaned. You can put toys from stainless steel into a dishwasher or boil them. We recommend purchasing toys that are made of surgical stainless steel.

Borosilicate Glass

Glass is heavy, non-toxic, and has a hard, crystal structure. Borosilicate glass is produced by using an enhanced formula that makes it safe. This material won't break if you drop it accidentally. Glass provides zero impact on the body and can be cleaned as well as metal toys. Also, toys that are made of this material look great.


This one is also a great choice for those who are looking for body-safe sex toys. This element is also known as acrylic glass.

It's a lightweight alternative to glass. Lucite contains zero toxic elements. It is used for producing a wide range of sex toys and it can withstand high temperatures as well.


Sex playthings that are produced of ceramic are a top pick for art lovers. As usual, such toys are crafted manually and have alluring designs. Ceramic sex toys also have great characteristics.

Firstly, they are smooth and provide zero negative impact on health. Secondly, ceramic sex toys can be sterilized by using hot water. This material can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Important Hint

Note, manufacturers that use only body-safe materials in their production always share this information. If you can hardly find info about a toy's composition, avoid purchasing it. If you have any doubts, always use condoms to protect yourself.