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Nov 30 2020
When To Wear A Tux To A Casino Comments (0)

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If you've watched many movies that involve gambling in casinos, you will witness a dress code that people always observe. You are most likely to see men in tuxedos while the ladies wear dresses. You must be ready to fit in.

However, there are some days that you may find some people without the signature casino wear. What happens during such days? We were lucky to interact with Daniel Bennet, an expert in casino wear (you can interact with him here), who discussed the following regarding wearing a tuxedo at a casino:

Tuxedo origin

The tuxedo has not gone through lots of changes since its inception. The name was derived from Tuxedo Park, founded in 1886, where the men were expected to wear white-tie and tails during semi-formal and formal events. A few years later, Lorillard and his son Griswold designed dinner jackets, black in color and a tail, to be worn at events and called them tuxedo jackets.

Within a few years, the jackets became a custom in New York for both formal sub-formal events. In the 20th century, tuxedos could be worn by men when they were requested to dress formally. Men could thus meet for dinner, drinks, or other social occasions while wearing tuxedos. The tuxedos were later adopted as the official wear for men during formal events in the casinos. The following are some of the dress codes in a typical casino:

Go casual

It is not every day that you will observe the Las Vegas dress code for men. You can still dress casually and be allowed to enter the casino and do your thing. Some of the casual attires you will see people wearing to casinos in the absence of special events include trainers and jeans.

Some places like Las Vegas will also allow gamblers to visit their premises with flip flops and shorts during the warm season. You may also find that most casinos allow people to go casual during the day. On the other hand, evenings can be somehow official, depending on the specific casino.

Canada is one of the countries with many casinos that have relaxed the casino dress code to match modern times. The online world has changed the entire concept as people can now place bets in their homes' comfort. The fact that you can get a $5 minimum deposit casino Canada shows you that they may not expect you to wear a tuxedo worth hundreds of dollars.


Who said that you could not look good in that casual wear? Different casinos will have a definition of what they classify as smart-casual. You may thus find that some attires allowed in a certain casino is unacceptable in another one. Some smart-casual wear that are acceptable in most cases includes sportswear, jeans, trainers, tracksuits, and T-shirts. However, most of these casinos will not allow gamblers who have headgear.

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Smart attire

This is when you have to wear something formal or a tuxedo at a casino as a man. Such casinos mostly target the high class and thus expect you to observe a certain code. Their clientele is always sophisticated, and they will definitely deny access to those who do not observe the dressing code. You will see that such casinos allow people with collared shirts with smart pants or jeans when there are no events. The same casinos will also allow anyone with a nice pair of shoes, a sports jacket, or a blazer.

Private events

These events have an exclusive list where members of the public are now allowed. It is only the members and invites who grace such events. The ladies are expected to wear cocktail dresses while the men should wear tuxedos. Most of these events are luxurious and attended by who is who in the society. The events usually attract sponsors and also get contributions from the membership kitty held by the casino.

You now understand when to wear a tuxedo in a casino and when you don't. However, you must also understand that different regions have different regulations. For instance, the Las Vegas dress code for men might differ from what you get in a country like Canada.