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Dec 18 2020
FREAKY's Misha Osherovich On Coming Out As Non-Binary Comments (0)

Misha-Osherovich-in-Freaky-boycultureMisha in Freaky (Image via Universal)

I'm proud that my friend Misha Osherovich has been making progress in movies and on TV, most notably in the acclaimed movie Freaky.

Here, Misha explains why they came out this year as non-binary:

The simplest way to look at it is that there's gender expression and there's gender identity ... There's me wearing makeup, painting my nails and all of that stuff, that's a form of gender expression. And then there's gender identity, it's, you know, what I walk out of the shower with. It's what I'm at home by myself with, without any beat on my face, without any painted nails. For me ... it was a rejection of the he/him male. I didn't grow up feeling very comfortable with “I'm a man! Be a man! My pronouns are he/him!” None of that felt at home for me, and that felt quite isolating, and like I was pretending to be someone that I'm not.  And it goes beyond just, you know, feminine qualities or having a fascination with the feminine — it's rejection of the masculine. So I'm happiest when I'm a big, ginormous question mark, and to me, that is a non-binary identity. I exist outside of the gender binary. I take what I want from the feminine side, I take what I want from the masculine side, and there's parts of me that are neither, that are this — again — this big, ginormous question mark. To me, non-binary is a celebration of that question mark as opposed to trying to put a label on something that doesn't want a label.

Misha goes on to say they believe there is no such thing as gender, and urges people to stop caring about the binary so much, and about gender norms.

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