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Dec 23 2020
KJ Apa Caves: His 1st Nude Scene Comments (0)

After worshiping the ground on which KJ Apa walks ever since his shirtless debut on Riverdale in 2017, MrMan is here to document the fact that the dreamy creamboat has finally delivered his first-ever real, actual, boner-fide nude scene ...

Thanks to the Michael Bay-produced COVID-19 thriller Songbird, we have Apa's first real nude scene. EVER! We're celebrating this milestone for cinema — and the arts in general — by turning Apa's nude scene from Songbird into handy-dandy GIFs ... and more!

Songbird is a pandemic thriller that takes place in the near future when COVID-19 has morphed into COVID-23 and become deadlier than ever. Apa plays our fearless protagonist, who is looking to reunite with his lover under lockdown.

Just 12 minutes into the movie, Apa does indeed strip down for a shower scene. We get to see his amazing abs, pecs and arms, and then — as he turns around to clean himself — he flashes his big, perfect butt! It's so wet. So slippery. So smooth. So firm. So ... everything.

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