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Dec 11 2020
Top 10 Nude Dudes 2020 Comments (0)

If you're anything like Mr. Man, you're super sad to see 2020 go. What an amazing year! JK. 2020 was a dumpster fire and a half, but its saving grace was the XXXtreme amount of celebrity dude-ity that found its way to movies and television. Seriously. If you have to live through a pandemic, you might as well do so with Michele Morrone's big daddy dick. As the saying goes.

The fine folks at Mr. Man just released their annual list of the Top Ten Nude Scenes of the Year ... and the results do not disappoint! In addition to Mr. Morrone's bone, the list includes Tom Mercier’s debilitatingly fat cock in We Are Who We Are, Juan Carlos Maldonado’s real masturbation scene and massive money shot in The Prince, and former child star Nicholas Hoult’s amazing wet ass on the new series The Great.

If you like what you see, then you can check out all of the full scenes. Enjoy! And, hey, 2020, do like Juan Carlos Maldonado and go fuck yourself ...

(10) Matt Bomer — The Boys in the Band

(9) Andy Samberg — Palm Springs

(8) Paaps Essiedu & Samson Ajewole — I May Destroy You

(7) Michele Morrone — 365 Days

(6) Juan Carlos Maldonado — The Prince

(5) Dan J. Johnson — P-Valley

(4) Tom Mercier — We Are Who We Are

(3) Daniel Kaluuya — Queen & Slim

(2) Nicholas Hoult — The Great

(1) Paul Mescal — Normal People