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Dec 31 2020
QAnon Loon Lin Wood Accuses Chief Justice John Roberts Of Murder, Pedophilia — Twitter's Cool With It Comments (0)

Lin-wood-qanon-trump-boycultureThis doesn't go against Twitter's rules. (Image via Twitter)

Lin Wood is an unhinged attorney whose babblings should be relegated to the fringes of the Internet. However, he has Trump's ear, so everything he says matters — and is magnified.

A QAnon adherent, Wood yesterday took to Twitter to allege that Chief Justice John Roberts is a child-murdering pedophile who illegally adopted his children from Wales with the help of Jeffrey Epstein.

He hinted that Roberts had Epstein killed, then revealed he believes Epstein is alive.

It went on (and on) from there.

The one sensible thing he said is that Roberts should sue him for defamation. It is rare for public figures to bother with defamation suits. They're expensive and they, again, magnify the comments and give the guilty party a sense of importance.

It is unheard of for a SCOTUS justice to file such a suit.

I think Roberts should do it. I think someone should. All these rumors flying around about secret cabals of child-sacrificing cults and adrenochrome and pedophilia are no longer absurd, they are passionately believed by a measurable percentage of functioning adults in this country. We (the sensible people) can continue to blow them off, but I think it's at our own risk. Any story about Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Chrissy Teigen (hm, many are women) is clotted with hundreds of comments asserting that they are pedophiles and murderers, and the lunacy is contagious.

I fear for the future, not because of Islamic terrorism or right-wing courts, but because of QAnon and other conspiracy theories — which are taking their power from the anti-abortion movement — radicalizing Karens and their husbands everywhere.