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Dec 12 2020
SCOTUS Smacks Down Trump's Desperate Bid To Toss Election Results Comments (0)

Trump-wisdom-courage-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

The Supreme Court of the United States rejected the anti-American lawsuit filed by the AG of Texas meant to toss the votes of millions of battleground-state voters for Biden, in order to hand the election to Trump.

The lawsuit by Ken Paxton tried to invalidate the votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin — and 

Some 126 House Republicans had signed on to support the suit, a clear attempt at a political coup unprecedented in U.S. history. New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell has urged Nancy Pelosi to refuse to seat those 126 on the basis of Reconstruction-era constitutional safeguards against treason.

Upon hearing the news of the SCOTUS smackdown — which stings especially since he installed three of its current members — Trump threw a social media hissy-fit, accusing the justices of displaying no wisdom, no courage in rejecting the patently absurd lawsuit.

He also reportedly skipped a maskless, coronavirus-courting White House holiday party, refusing to come out to greet his assembled guests