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Dec 02 2020
St. Louis Drag Legend Michael Shreves aka Michelle McCausland Dies Of COVID-19 Comments (0)

Michelle-mccausland-boycultureShreves as Michelle McCausland (Image via Our Community Roots)

Via KSDK: St. Louis drag legend Michelle McCausland, Michael Shreves, died last week at 61 following a battle of COVID-19.

Shreves was a change-maker in the community, challenging a nearly 100-year-old law against men wearing women's clothing when he was arrested in 1984.

Alderman Shane Cohn, the first openly gay elected official in the area, said of Shreves:

I received very affirming and positive messages from Michael, you know, not only when I was first elected, but throughout my tenure. That’s a message for those in our community that we need to ensure that we are taking this pandemic seriously, as well.

A local report on Shreves's death: