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Jan 20 2021
Biden & Harris Are Sworn In + Trump Leaves White House + Trump's Icky Final Pardons + Lesbian To Be Deported From Bali + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Bidens-kiss-inauguration-boyculture46 and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden (Image via video still)

ABOVE: You love to see it. It's official — President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

BELOW: Keep reading for some inauguration goodies, a Bali backbite, a big porn win and more ...

HUFF POST: Biden's first acts as prez will include exec orders on a national mask mandate, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and ending the Muslim ban.

MEIDAS TOUCH: Trump's craven crime family weeps as he leaves the White House. (And as they contemplate future indictments.)

EUGENE GOODMAN boycultureGoodman — a good man — in brown (Image via video still)

FACEBOOK: Eugene Goodman, Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 11.14.51 AMthe heroic Capitol Police officer who staved off the rioting mob on January 6, escorted VP-elect Harris and future Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to the inaugural festivities today.

Did you watch/are you watching? This is so exciting to see. The Facebook feed is very trivia-oriented and neutral. The perky announcer is leaning hard on the word “crypt,” lol.

TWITTER: The Obamas are in the houuuuse!

Columbo-boycultureTrump's letter? (Image via video still)

POLITICO: Trump did leave a presidential parting letter for Biden. One can only imagine.

NBC NEWS: Trump's last-second pardons and commutations did not yield as many OH NO HE DINT names as expected, but it was not without corruption — and surprises. And corrupt surprises.

No Trumps, not even himself. Very few of his A-list associates, though the reprehensible Steve Bannon was pardoned — even though he ripped off Trump's most loyal supporters.

Many of the 143 names seem to be people who committed fraud, or who are politically well-connected, or both, like former RNC finance chair Elliott Broidy (violated foreign lobbying laws), former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (a corrupt Dem), He snubbed Joe Exotic, but pardoned Lil Wayne (who stumped for Trump), Kodak Black and Desiree Perez (CEO of JAY-Z's Roc Nation) — all the rappers are strange, but are said to have been at Jared Kushner's urging, so perhaps Kushner is seeking to leave politics for music?

Kodak-black-trump-boycultureKodak Black's music video featuring a white racist Trumper being choked out. (Image via video still)

YAHOO! NEWS: This is so perfect. Time and again, LGBTQ people overlook countries' rabidly anti-LGBTQ laws and decide to travel there or even to live there. Recently, Kristen Gray, a Black woman from the U.S., posted online about how queer-friendly Bali is — and now, Indonesia will deport her for being suspected of “having intentionally disseminated unsettling information.” Get it through your thick skulls: Places like Indonesia and Dubai and many others are anti-LGBTQ. You should not feel safe being in them, and you should not hand them your queer dollars.

Gray, indignant, says she's being deported for being gay. Yeah, you are. From a country where that's totally acceptable. And you will probably have left the queer community there more endangered than ever.

NBC NEWS: Hungary's Darlene-reynolds-cough-covid-19-boyculturegovernment — right-wing and anti-LGBTQ — calls for disclaimers on all books with behavior inconsistent with traditional gender roles.

NEWSWEEK: A Pennsylvania woman, Darlene Reynolds, hosted a family party in spite of having a “tiny little cough” — and it became a COVID-19 super spreader event.

JOE.MY.GOD.: 17 freshman GOP members of Congress have signed a letter pledging to work with Biden, where possible. One of them is Nazi-loving Madison Cawthorn.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Classic TV doppelgängers.

Barbara-eden-boycultureSeeing double? (Image via NBC)

INSTAGRAM: DeAngelo Jackson has been chosen as GayVN Performer of the Year! Well-deserved and nice guy.

Noir-male-deangelo-jackson-boycultureHe came out on top! (Image via Noir Male)