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Jan 01 2021
Gay Party Cruise Sinks Off Puerto Vallarta On NYE Comments (0)

Boyculture-trip-advisor-delice-gay-party-cruisePic from an earlier cruise, possibly pre-pandemic (Image via Trip Advisor)

The Delice Party Cruise — apparently a gay party boat — sank off Puerto Vallarta on New Year's Eve.

The vessel sank slowly, according to one gay patron (who flew in a pandemic from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta to ride on a packed party ship, so, yeah), and reports state that none of the 60 or so people involved were injured, let alone drowned.

The Delice had canceled operations early in the pandemic, but apparently is open for business again, even though Mexico is currently very hard-hit by the virus — with an over 8% mortality rate.

When they suspended operations in March, the company noted:

We as a responsible company which is also suffering and under this challenging circumstances of the world coronavirus pandemic, has to abide with the instructions of the federal, state and municipal government. For the general safety, all public activities were canceled so as with tours not just our company but all included. In our message we explained the reasons and even though we did not wish it was a FORTUITO case to cause any distress upon our clients, it is unfortunate that we all have to endure this health disaster. However, to keep us all afloat, a reasonable options was offered to all our clients. Thank you for understanding and looking forward to see you in the future.

Sounds like a company that deserved to go under. If you're a party cruise and can't keep a ship afloat in nice weather, coronavirus isn't the only issue you've got.