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Jan 19 2021
3, Um, Patriots From, Um, Beverly Hills Arrested For Capitol Riot Participation Comments (0)

Dr. Simone Gold, a hydroxychloroquine nut, and her companion John Strand, who has done extensive physique modeling, including with gay-fave photogs Thomas Synnamon, Rick Day and Tony Duran, are among the latest seditionists arrested for their actions inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Here is a nice picture of John:

And here is the real John:

John-strand-socialmedia-Strand was hired by Gold as a comms director for a right-wing doctors' group. (Image via social media)

These motherfuckers live in Beverly Hills, lol. I'll never get over how anyone could listen to these pretentious charlatans and think for one second they believe in, really, anything.

Check out the footage that led to Gold and Strand's arrests:

Here is a third person arrested for being a part of the Capitol riot, Beverly Hills aesthetician Gina Bisignano, 52 (Jesus, my age? She took the scenic route ...), who was captured crying at the protest over her Lord and her beloved president:

Incredibly, Gina tried to say she wasn't really a big part of the protest, but was captured on video using a bullhorn to shout:

Gina's Beverly Hills ... Everybody, we need gas masks! We need weapons! We need strong, angry patriots to help our boys — they don't wanna leave. We need protection!

Gina is going DOWN.

Gina's thoughts on her actions are ... creative:

Gina-bisignano-boycultureBad reviews for a bad actor (Image via Yelp)