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Jan 08 2021
Daughter Calls Out White Mom Who Got Into It With A Black Woman In DC: THIS YOU, MOM? Comments (0)

Family-photo-mom-punched-blm-trump-boycultureFamily album (Images via family photo & video still)

Nothin' to see here, just a young woman calling out her white mom for getting into a melee with a Black woman after having tsk-tsked BLM rallies as potentially violent ...

Helena Duke saw an interesting video making the rounds on Twitter and had to comment — but for a very special reason.

Turns out the video, showing white Trumper instigating violence by grabbing at the face or face mask or phone of a Black woman, was of her own mom.

Better yet, her mom is such a right-wing nut she kicked Helena out of the house for having attended BLM rallies, which she warned could get violent.

This kid is alright.

Here's the mom reporting a “Black girl” hit her in the face:

UPDATE: The Black woman is not a D.C. cop, but a bystander who said a group of white people had been harassing her and attempting to take things that belonged to her, which looks a lot like what happens in the video. More here.