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Jan 02 2021
In The Midst Of A Coup Attempt, Taylor Dayne Is SADDENED, Y'All Comments (0)

Taylor-dayne-apology-trump-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

Clearly, songbird Taylor Dayne has been reading her social media feed in the aftermath of her decision to play Mar-A-Lago maskless on New Year's Eve, and she might be sweating how the reaction will affect her career.

I don't think every public figure has to be public about how they vote, but I also don't admire fence sitters. Of the countless wonderful things about famous apolitical singer Dolly Parton, one of them is not her unwillingness to choose a side. (I recall Dolly saying Trump and Hillary were both crazy.) However, if you're going to go the Dolly route, then part of being apolitical is never agreeing to appear in a politicized setting ... and singing at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago on the New Year's Eve he's attempting to steal an election, maskless during a pandemic, definitely falls into that category.

P.S. The way I feel is sexual after reading artist Amber's response to Dayne:

Amber-taylor-dayne-trump-boyculture(Image via Instagram)