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Jan 22 2021
Madison Cawthorn's Not-So-Sweet Little Lies + RIP Big Gay Ice Cream's 1st Location + HIV Treatment Breakthrough + Lindell Hasn't Touched Krakowski's Dirty Pillows + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Boot-y call.

BELOW: Keep reading for why Madison Cawthorn is as ill-equipped as he is dangerous, the end of one Big Gay Ice Cream location, Fox News jumping the gun and more ...

Madison-cawthorn-boycultureIs that even a real dog? (Image via MadisonCawthorn2020)

THE NATION: Madison Cawthorn (R-North Carolina), the telegenic, Nazi-sympathetic frosh congressman who spoke at the RNC, has apparently lied about multiple aspects of his background — which I guess is to be expected when you're 25 and haven't, like, done anything. But lying about his preparations to compete in the Paralympics is ... bizarre. And Trumpian. And there's more.

EV GRIEVE: Big Gay Ice Big-gay-ice-cream-boyculture Cream's first brick-and-mortar store, in NYC's East Village, will not reopen. They say, in part:

We always knew that if we ever opened a shop it would be in the East Village. It had to be. In its heyday that section of East Seventh was one of the hottest food blocks in the city — even The New York Times singled it out ...
The batteries have gone a bit dim on that street. The empty storefronts (kept vacant by landlords working tax breaks) that plague the city have settled in. It ain’t what it was.
We decided that even if the shop managed to make it through “the COVID thing” it would never truly recover.

ABC NEWS: The FDA has approved, for the first time, monthly shots to treat HIV — no more daily pills required.

Joe-biden-hannity-boycultureIt was an annus horribilis! (Image via Fox News)

TWITTER: Fox News was already decrying Biden's DISASTROUS FIRST WEEK ... after less than one day.

NEWSWEEK: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado), whose tweets during the Capitol riot led many to suspect she may have had a hand in fomenting insurrection, has now set off the metal detectors at the Capitol and strolled onto the House floor, presumably ?) armed — which is illegal. They're fining her $5,000 but ... why is anyone allowed to pass if the detector goes off? Does no one remember Dan White? Lunatic martyrs from within are a real possibility.

DAILY BEAST: Capitol insurrectionist Jenna Ryan — who flew to the revolution on a private jet — was trying to beg for legal-fee donations, but PayPal has shut her down.

WAPO: Lawmakers who opposed election certification have been cut off from 20 out of their 30 biggest PAC donors.

THE VERGE: Biden's national mask mandate applies to public transportation, planes.

DEADLINE: Fauci says the coronavirus vaccine is less effective — but still effective — against the new South African variant of the coronavirus, 501.V2. Republicans still think the virus is going away after the election, right?!

NBC NEWS: How a Black doctor went from a hard no on getting the COVID-19 vaccine to a hard yes.

PAGE SIX: Jane Krakowski denies she even knows, let alone blows, MyPillow cretin Mike Lindell.

KENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ mags of the week.

Brian-michael-smith-black-transman-btl-boycultureA fellow Michigander (Image via BTL)