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Jan 25 2021
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Considered Qualified To Be Governor In Arkansas — No, Really Comments (0)

Sarah-huckabee-sanders-boyculture(Image via video still)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Trump's former lyin' mouthpiece — is bragging that she needed Secret Service protection because she was such a truth-teller, claiming that a servicemember called her former job as tough as his and, of course, railing against cancel culture in her video announcing she is running for governor of Arkansas.

I can't imagine living in a state that believes she is qualified to be anything other than a demagogue. She leans hard on all the attacks on freedom and ideas, but:


Also, she says (in vilifying “the radical left”):

As governor, I will be your voice — and never let them silence you.

So much for unity, launching a campaign built on us vs. them.

She also announces that Arkansas is some kind of amazing land of opportunity because of Walmart ... but, like, how many businesses actually thrive there again?

The surest sign yet that Trumpism is not close to dead.