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Jan 22 2021
Ultra Naté Is Back With A Re-Release Of FREE (LIVE YOUR LIFE) Comments (0)

Ultra-nate-free-boyculture“Live your life ...” (Image via video still)

Ultra Naté is re-releasing her ultimately satisfying hit “Free (Live Your Life)” on the heels of the country being free from Donald Trump — and the new video, directed by Crystal Thompson, is a celebration of individuality and joy ...

She says of the new recording:

When my song “Free” became a classic worldwide there was and continues to be so much love around it as it is now part of everyone's life story. There are countless memories wrapped up in it for many people and tons of “unofficial” bootlegs!!  

For many  years I wouldn’t even consider re-imagining and re-releasing it officially but there comes a time when the universe forces us to stop, pay attention and recognize that we are in a defining moment and that moment is now. There are so many around the world that need the energy, hope and most of all “empowerment” that “Free” embodies.  

At a time when it’s needed most — we may not be able to dance together globally right now but we can raise our voices in solidarity and sing “you're free to do what you want to do!”