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Jan 06 2021
Seen Enough: Warnock & Ossoff Won Handily + Romney Hectored By Trumpers + Pence's Big Day + Biden Taps Garland + Dr. Dre Ailing + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Perhaps unsurprisingly, young Jerry Mitchel was as cute as older Jerry Mitchell.

BELOW: Keep reading for the status of the Warnock & Ossoff races, Trump's reliance on Pence, Romney hectored, Biden taps Garland and more  ...

Raphael warnock jon-ossoff boycultureWarnock & Ossoff — history made! (Image via video stills)

TWITTER: He's seen enough! Dave Wasserman, the first to call the Warnock/Loeffler race, and one of the first to call the Ossoff/Perdue race, is now declaring the races will be outside the margin of a recount.

POLITICO: “Republicans Turn on Trump After Georgia Loss” is the headline of my dreams.

WAPO: Pence is poised to piss Trump off by following his role, as laid out in the Constitution, and confirming Biden's win. Pence is awful, but imagine if Trump had replaced him with a Nunes or other loyalist. Trump, however, disputes that Pence will fulfill his constitutional duty, and that he will instead attempt to steal the election, at Trump's direction.

Mitt-Romney-Senate-Trump-QAnon-boycultureDidn't wanna embed a video from an account called Qtah. (Image via Twitter)

HUFF POST: Mitt Romney (R-Utah) was harassed at Salt Lake City International Airport for not sucking Trump's dick by a cabal of maskless QAnoners who think Romney only works for right-wingers ... and because they hate him, may have been voted in illegally. Then, he was harassed on his four-hour flight to D.C. by Trumpers. I love to see it! Please do drive Mitt right out of the Republican caucus. We will be happy to have him as the worst Democrat ever, but a Democrat.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) fought passionately with Trumpers over their “opinion” that Trump should remain president.

GUARDIAN: James Comey is embarrassing himself further by saying that Trump — no matter his crimes — should never be prosecuted after he leaves office, arguing that it's a dangerous precedent with former presidents. Is he mad?

POLITICO: Biden is choosing Merrick Garland as his AG. The name will ... ring a bell. Tough news for Doug Jones (who had a lot of Senate support) and Sally Yates (who probably had more progressives in her corner). Keep in mind that Garland's current job on the D.C. Circuit can now be filled by Biden with, no doubt, a very young Democrat.

FORBES: The city of Detroit is formally requesting the disbarment of Sidney Powell and the other so-called Kraken lawyers. Imagine being known as a Kraken lawyer.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Spiffy in a suit.

SOCIALITE LIFE: A bear cub trying to catch snow will make you smile.

EXTRATV: Close call for Dr. Dre, who suffered a brain aneurysm but is reportedly doing well now.

PAGE SIX: Looks like Kimye are divorcing.