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Feb 28 2021
Jodie Foster Has Come A Long Way, Baby Comments (0)

Jodie-foster-boycultureIt's a whole new world, no? (Image via video still)

When I was young and resentful that Jodie Foster wasn't out while receiving a well-deserved Oscar (and using her speech to push back against calls to be out), I couldn't have guessed that in '21 she'd be on her couch at home with her wife, broadcasting it live on the Golden Globes. A truly shocking juxtaposition to have lived through, don't you agree?

Her acceptance speech from nearly 30 (!) years ago, really doesn't sound nearly as defensive as I recalled it — so subtle, but we did know what she was talking about:

Fleshback: Wild About Harry Belafonte Comments (0)

Day-OMG! (GIF via GIPHY)

Happy 94th (March 1) to the ageless Harry Belafonte!

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Nick Jonas's Butt Hosts SNL + Men Nearly Jailed For Gay Kiss In Tulum + Can Cuomo Survive? + Worst National Anthem EVER + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Joe Lando, 59, is actually helping Jane Seymour sell scarves like this!

BELOW: Keep reading for Nick Jonas lookin' good in them jeans, Cuomo hit hard, the worst national anthem rendition in recorded history and more ...

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Feb 27 2021
Fleshback: I Need A Van! Comments (0)

He was all Van (Images via movie & TV stills)

Van Williams is an actor who always looked like a current star with period styling to me. He jut had a timeless look, and it's shocking he didn't worm his way into more projects, even with limited acting range.

Today, he would have been 86.

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You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi's Eye-Opening New Lines Comments (0)

KNITTED Line-boycultureAggelo Spirikkis in the Knitted Line (Image by Xanthos Georgiou for MV)

Modus Vivendi is back with its SS/21 offerings and — as usual — there is nothing usual about them ...

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Feb 26 2021
Tom Holland's Meaty Drumsticks + Equality Act Passes House + GOP Rep's Hubby Loves Hitler, Sedition + Naomi Wolf Jumps Shark + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Totally awesome '80s.

BELOW: Keep reading for Tom Holland's drumsticks, an Equality Act update, a GOP House rep's seditious hubby and more ...

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Fleshback: PARTING GLANCES, Lingering Stars Comments (0)

A very happy b'day to John Bolger of Parting Glances ... and follow me on Instagram for more than a glance at him and so many other great (and often hot) stars!

Feb 25 2021
Junk In The Twunk! Comments (0)

According to Mr. Man, every one of these boys is a twunka-twunka burnin' love!

Twunks are men who are halfway between twink and hunk, and Mr. Man is rounding up the sexiest naked celebrity twunks to celebrate everything that makes the twunk such a magical specimen of masculinity.

Broad shoulders. Cute face. Ripped gymnast bod. Fat ass. And big dick. These are the making of a celeb twunk. If you like what you’re hearing, then just wait until you see all of the twunkinicious goodness below ...

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