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Feb 17 2021
Tyler Posey Calls OnlyFans MENTALLY DRAINING + Rush Limbaugh Finally Dies + Gay Politician Trashed For Having A Younger Boyfriend + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Head to toes.

BELOW: Rush Limbaugh is FINALLY dead, QAnon continues to dog-whistle and whistle-whistle its way through the culture, Trump implosion and more ...

Tyler-posey-nude-shirtless-onlyfans-boyculturePosey calls posing “mentally draining.” (Image via Tyler Posey/OnlyFans)

JUST JARED: Tyler Posey sounds like he's having second thots about his OnlyFans, saying:

You really feel like an object on OnlyFans. I’m trying my hardest to be artistic as possible with the content I put out ’cause I don’t want it to just be porn, you know? That’s not what I do and I don’t want to take it away from the people that are doing that. I just want to be artistic and stay in touch with my fans.

NYDN: Rush Limbaugh, one of the worst human beings alive, isn't — he has died of lung cancer at 70.

GiphyCall it a concession. (GIF via GIPHY)

NBC NEWS: The former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City has been demolished.

Rinaldo-nazzaro-nazi-russia-dhs-boycultureGee, there were no signs ... (Image via video still)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Neo-Nazi terrorist Rinaldo Nazzaro was once employed by the Department of Homeland Security, which at the time raved about him. He's since relocated — to Russia.

THE HILL: Ghislaine Maxwell is “withering to a shell of her former self” in prison, which is apparently an argument to free her or speed things up.

Luke-Pollard-Sydney-gay-boycultureThey look very much in love, to boot. (Image via selfie)

METRO NEWS: A gay British Labour MP was hit with homophobic and Q-ish pedo slurs when he posted a photo of himself with his much younger boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Luke Pollard is all of 40, but because his boyfriend looks younger, many immediately assumed he is into sex with children and is a “groomer.” News flash: Young adults are ADULTS. They don't need to be groomed in order to fall in love — or even just to want sex. What could they possibly have in common? is a cliché I often hear — guess what? They could have more in common than just what was on TV when they were kids, and if they only have sex in common ... that counts! If age gaps bother you, don't fall into one.

Pollard said, in response to the backlash and forelash:

Thank you for all the messages of support, love and kindness over the past 24 hours. Sydney and me are doing fine and we are not letting the trolls win. It seems not everyone got the memo that Valentine’s Day is about love not hate.

TPM: QAnon culture has trained legions to believe everyone is a child molester. Case in point — Kayleigh McEnany alluded to made-up shit that President Biden is a molester because he GASP! loves and prioritizes children.

CNN: British veterans discharged for being gay are getting their medals back.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Yet another reason to re-watch every episode of Seinfeld. (Yeah, the long episodes kinda suck, and that finale — GET OUT! — but still, it's genius.)

HUFF POST: Why Texas is in the dark.

Matt-barr-shirtlessYee-haw! (GIF via MrMan)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Walker, Texas Ranger — the reboot — is gay, gay, gay.

YOUTUBE: Madonna's “Dark Ballet” was one of the best music videos of 2019, but because it was Madonna, nobody much cared. Still, it's interesting to see it with Madonna herself actually restored — she or the director decided to almost completely cut her scenes and focus solely on trans singer Mykki Blanco as Joan of Arc. I think the original video stands as quite compelling, but I'm curious why Madonna was removed. She looked stunning in this and serves a purpose in the narrative: