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Feb 18 2021
Damn, Django! + Ted Cruz Flees To Cancun As Texas Freezes + Cuomo On The Ropes + Demi Lovato's Brain Damage + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Then, and now.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ted Cruz fucking up, a hot new Django, Demi Lovato's brain damage, Cuomo's damage control and more ...

Matthias schoenaerts shirtless 1Django ... uncut? (GIF via GIPHY)

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Matthias Schoenaerts is stepping into a classic Franco Nero role, and your new plaid pants will be tented over it.

YAHOO!: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his Trump-anointed “ugly” wife, plus their kids, fled to a resort in Cancun while millions of Texas are freezing to death amid unprecedented winter weather and a grid failure. You can't make this shithead up.

Cruz's approval numbers were already weak prior to this. Bet they're going way down — to the DEEP SOUTH after. Also won't help that he used police to help him get through the airport safely.

NYT: COVID-19 is so made-up that the average American life expectancy dropped by a full year, to 77.8, because of it. Three years for Black men, 2.4 for Hispanic men. Yeah, but it's allllll an illuuuusion.

POLITICO: Once beloved in NYC, NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now facing an investigation over his handling of the COVID-19 epidemic and alleged cover-up of nursing-home deaths related to his management, plus an allegation he threatened a Democratic assembly member in order to get him to tow the party line. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio — who I have to imagine is less popular than Cuomo — is piling on. I don't have any special love for either, but I hope the discontent never leads to Republican leadership, which was WAY WORSE.

EXTRATV: Demi Lovato reveals brain damage and partial blindness in the wake of her near-fatal drug OD in July 2018.

MSNBC: Bob Dole, 97, has stage IV lung cancer. If people on Twitter were shocked to learn that Henry Kissinger, 97, is still alive, I can only imagine the rush to tweet “who knew Bob Dole was still alive?”

Michael-cimino-love-victor-gay-boycultureHate, Michael (Image via Hulu)

RANDY REPORT: Michael Cimino, the star of Hulu's Love, Victor, talks about anti-gay messages he received over playing the lead.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Cute dudes in masks.

Omg-blog-gay-shirtless-boycultureAround the world's a stage ... (Image via OMG.BLOG!)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Legit actors go legit-naked onstage.

VARIETY: Liza Minnelli will turn 75 with a streaming party!

TWITTER: Dolly Parton doesn't want a Dolly Parton statue:

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): It's Travolta's b'day, but also, what a day for '80s names — he's more '70s and '90s-onward, but Look Who's Talking, so: Travolta, Matt Dillon, Molly Ringwald, Vanna White: