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Mar 05 2021
Modus Vivendi Model Aggelos Pirikkis On What He Finds Sexy & The Win We All Need Comments (0)

Modus-vivendi-boyculture-Knitted Line_Lifestyle_No Logo (20)How much for that pair? That exact pair! (Images via Modus Vivendi)

Aggelos Pirikkis is the face and body of one of Modus Vivendi's new lines, the Knitted Line of underwear.

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Here, he opens up wide about his personal life — a peek behind the underwear, so to speak ...

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Q: How the pandemic has influenced Modus-vivendi-model-boyculture the way you work as a personal trainer and as a model?

AP: It has definitely influenced my professional life as an athlete and as a model, but one should never give up. We become more flexible and resilient through these tough times.

What’s the drive and the feeling that leads you to compete at bodybuilding competitions?

AP: It is a sport that requires a lot of sacrifices and is very competitive, so only a few doing it — and this motivates me more.

Do you believe in a utopia — and what do you do to leave this world a better place?

AP: I would try through my knowledge of sports and nutrition to change the way people think for a better healthier lifestyle, which would change the world as a whole eventually.


What do you find sexy/sensual in your partner?

AP: It is the smile, the eyes, the way of thinking, and the body.

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We all need a win this year what is yours?

AP: Victory at this point would be to go through the pandemic alive and healthy and to be close to the persons we love.


What do you want others remember you by? Your legacy so to speak for future generations?

AP: I would love to be remembered for the good I would offer to the world through my passion for my work and my life.

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What is beauty to you? Is it important to appreciate it?

AP: I think it is a very important factor, but it is not the only one that matters as it can deteriorate.

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Communicating with ourselves and others is hard. Are you a direct person?

AP: I am an extrovert and I can easily have a nice conversation.

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