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Mar 17 2021
Cheyenne Jackson Wants To Get Fit(ter) + Demi Lovato Recalls Rapes + Japan Gay Marriage Update + Sharon Osbourne Cries CANCEL CULTURE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Lowe-MG! More here.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cheyenne Jackson's action-packed workout challenge, Demi Lovato's searing revelation of rape, the death of a serial abuser and more ...

Cheyenne-jackson-bicep-underarm-muscles-fitness-boyculture-gayBrothers should do it — get fit, that is. (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Cheyenne Jackson is launching a fitness challenge with his brother to see how jacked they can get in their forties, which is the motivation I don't need. But I wish them well!

RAW STORY: “Pizza, guns, drums, music, family, and God” is how the latest alleged mass shooter described his “pretty good life” on social media — before gunning down 6 Asian women, a white woman and a white man at two spas in Georgia. Aaron Long of Woodstock, Georgia, is accused of the crime. His social media reveals him to be super religious, right-wing, gun-absorbed.

ABC NEWS: This is insane, but Georgia police are happily reporting that Long claims to have a sex addiction and that his murder spree wasn't religious or political or racial. Give me a break. The cop running the presser said it was a “bad day” for the 21-year-old I can't help but feel the cop sounded sympathetic to this guy, no?

NYT: In a landmark ruling, Japan's high court sides with gay marriage.

POLITICO: I hope California isn't stupid enough to recall Gavin Newsom. What a colossal waste of money.

Michael-callen-matthew-j-jones-boyculture(Image via Punctum Books)

BAY AREA REPORTER: A new book honors the legacy of Michael Callen, the man who in 1983 published How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: One Approach. The book, Love Don't Need a Reason: The Life and Music of Michael Callen by historian Matthew T. Jones documents the artist-activist's short life. Sez the author:

Telling LGBTQ stories, especially untold or overlooked stories, motivates everything I do. As someone who grew up in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic, whose notions of what it means to be a gay man are fundamentally shaped by the epidemic, I've also been very interested in that history, too.

IMFA: Israel's so-called “Cave of Horrors” has yielded a remarkably well-preserved mummy of a child (bearing hair, tendons and skin), the oldest woven basket in existence and more Dead Sea Scroll fragments.

DAILY MAIL: Demi Lovato, who considers herself queer, is coming out in a new doc as a rape survivor, saying she was assaulted the night she nearly died of a drug overdose (by her dealer) and that she lost her virginity to rape at 15 while promoting Camp Rock. She says her rapist was an actor with whom she was hooking up at the time, but that she'd firmly said no — which did not stop him — and laments that when she told someone, he wasn't removed from a movie (not Camp Rock) he was in.

KENNETH IN THE (212): A nice rack.

TWITTER: Madonna contemplates OnlyFans as the right platform for her Madame X Tour concert film.

NYT: James Levine, the legendary Metropolitan Opera conductor sacked in 2018 when a long history of sexual abuse was alleged, has died at 77.

ET: Sharon Osbourne claims she was set up. Oh, boy, the real victim has spoken, and spoiler alert — she is crying “cancel culture”: