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Mar 11 2021
Colton Ford Is Here To STAY Comments (0)

Colton-ford-muscles-boycultureIn the pink (Images by Kevin Hoover)

Colton Ford is defying ageism with the hands-on video for his “Stay,” a dancetastic track debuting as we speak ...


Along with the already hot video, he's releasing an even steamier version on his brand-new OnlyFans.

The 58-year-old hunk says:

I am an artist and an exhibitionist. I enjoy taking chances and pursuing my dreams, and I’m entitled to it all! Too many of us don’t live the life we truly want, because we are too concerned about the judgments of others. I’m going to talk about that on my OnlyFans vlog: how I’ve navigated these things and continue to live the way that I want to live and express myself the way that I want. Let the haters and naysayers try and get in my way!