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Mar 26 2021
New Bio Paints Da Vinci As Str8 + Britney Attempts To Switch Conservators + Jim Crow In The 21st Century + No Longer Fonda Sex + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You betta cork!

BELOW: Keep reading for a straightwashed Leonardo Da Vinci, jockstrap fever, Jim Crow in the 21st century and more ...

Aidan-turner-leonardo-da-vinci-amazon-prime-gay-boyculture“Quick question — are you into rimming?” (Image via Amazon Prime)

THE GUARDIAN: What fresh Ryan Murphy is this?! A new Amazon Prime project pretends that Leonardo Da Vinci was hetero, but there's no evidence to support that and plenty to support he liked the laddies.

Billy warlock societylickHe a snack. (GIF via My New Plaid Pants)

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Billy Warlock turns 60, and My New Plaid Pants has a few reasons to celebrate.

SOCIALITE LIFE: For the first time ever, Britney Spears has filed to remove her dad, Jamie Spears, as her conservator.

NEWNOWNEXT: It's a three-minute read about jockstraps, okay?

GR8ERDAYS: The Last Picture Show and Lonesome Dove author Larry McMurtry has died.

Brian-kemp-georgia-voter-plantation-boycultureGone with the Wind-unfabulous! (Image via video still)

NEWSONE: That new law signed by Ted-cruz-boycultureGov. Brian Kemp (R, of course) in Georgia restricting voting rights? Biden calls it “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” and it was signed under a lovely portrait of a plantation.

TWITTER: GOP senators snuck to the border overnight and issued a panicked report stating they'd been “heckled by cartels.” I think they're in the weeds on this issue.

POLITICO: Look, Biden is not senile. He doesn't have dementia. He is not incapacitated. He is old, but he is sharp and on-point. Enjoy.

HUFF POST: Dominion Voting has now sued Fox News for $1.6B.

Jane-fonda-harpers-bazaar-boycultureSuck it, “Hanoi Jane” commenters! (Image via Harper's Bazaar)

WOW REPORT: Jane Fonda is 83 and looks better than you — but she has decided she won't have sex again!

PEOPLE: The surgeon who treated Gabby Giffords when the congresswoman was shot in Arizona has announced his own congressional run ... and yes, gun control came up.

KENNETH IN THE (212): A weekly roundup of what's in — and on — the rapidly dwindling LGBTQ publications.

Gay-marriage-boycultureA homebody wedding — perfect for pandemics and me. (Image via