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Mar 26 2021
Lil Nas X Wants You To Call Him By His Name — Posts Message To 14YO Closeted Self Comments (0)

Lil Nas X continues to be among the queerest of queer celebs, this time debuting his first song of 2021 — “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” — with a striptastic new music video.

Along with the video, he has posted a message to his 14-year-old, deeply closeted self:

Lil-nas-x(Image via Twitter)

I love that his homage is to a movie starring Armie Hammer at this point in time. It's a big who cares? to those who feel we have to ignore or react differently to art that contains work by people who have, or who may have, done wrong.

In the video, Nas is in his own Garden of Eden, seduced by a snake, put on trial and offers a lap dance to Satan. (I can only imagine the Illuminati and other “they're all devil-worshipers!” crowd reacting to this, and I can only dream if Casey Kasem were alive, his velvety voice repeating lyrics like “you're cute enough to fuck with me tonight” and “cocaine and drinkin' with your friends.”)

Enjoy this strip ... and it is a strip:

Sure, his music is garbage and will sound even worse in the future, but I still like him for seizing his moment and using his platform to be himself — and to encourage others to do the same ... hopefully with better art.