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Mar 23 2021
Matt Gaetz STRUGGLED With Allowing Nestor To Go On COVID-Flouting Spring Break Vacay Comments (0)

Spring-break-gaeetz-covid-panama-beach-boycultureNestor took a break from school and ... this. (Image via video still)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) is still going with this story that his live-in, young-adult companion Nestor Galban (who has a father), a Cuban refugee, is his son, going on the defense after it was reported that the lad went on a spring break vacation at Panama City Beach in his adopted state of Florida.

Gaetz told Fox News he “struggled” with whether to allow Nestor, who at nearly 20 is a legal adult, to go on the trip. I'm sure there is a degree of struggling going on here in a couple of senses — but I doubt it exists in the sense in which Gaetz claims.

Watch this complete fraud lying with ease: