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Mar 24 2021
Stephanie Denaro, NYC Anti-Masker & Woman For Trumper, Calls Worker The N-Word — In Front Of Her Biracial Kids Comments (0)

A New York woman who refused to wear a mask at Essex Market because she has a medical problem and then casually called a Black worker a “bitch-ass” N-word — which she said in front of what appear to be her own biracial children — is apparently a prolific anti-masker, anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist with a history of public expressions of her kooky beliefs.

You will be shocked when I tell you she is also a Trump supporter. (You may be genuinely shocked that she was formerly a Bernie Sanders supporter — I thought Obama/Trump voters were bizarre, so I will also never get over the small but noteworthy Sanders/Trump crossovers. I do not understand the commonality.)

She is at 4:39 here:

She has also taunted people disgusted by her behavior by asserting that she is, in fact, Black herself, and therefore gets to use the N-word. Alternatively, she's stated she can't be racist if she has biracial kids:

I realize people think writing about this behavior elevates it, but I believe ignoring it is why it has flowered anew in recent years.