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Apr 14 2021
Chris Crocker (Finally) Cashes In + Colton Underwood's New Gay Series + Daunte Wright's Killer Cop Charged + Dean Martin's Sausage + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A little joy.

BELOW: Chris Crocker's journey continues, with a $41,000 NFT sale; Colton Underwood's new reality series; Dean Martin's entire penis; why that Toronto gay serial killer took forever to catch; and more ...

Chris-crocker-nft-boycultureCrocker in (upper left) 2007, (lower left) 2014 and now. (Images via video stills & Lucas Ent.)

BUSINESS INSIDER: Chris “Leave Britney alone!” Crocker has sold their most famous work — that video — as an NFT for $41,000. I continue to have zero idea why this is a thing or why it works, but good for Chris Crocker, who — incredibly — had made almost zero dollars for that video, which was never YouTube-monetized. Crocker, who'd been a gay-porn actor, is now transitioning.

Giphy-3-1543942424Colton's coming-out journey, as a GIF. (GIF via GIPHY)

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Colton Underwood, who came out as gay on Wednesday, is being filmed for his own Netflix reality series about the coming-out process.

HUFF POST: Kim Potter, the cop who resigned after she shot Daunte Wright to death — claiming she had meant to Tase him instead — has been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Josh-oconnor-pbs-gay-boycultureI also like him because, like me, he isn't interested in the royals. (Image via PBS)

ATTITUDE: Josh O'Connor, who starred in Francis Lee's 2017 film God's Own Country before his Golden Globe-winning turn on The Crown, is reuniting with Lee for what's described as a gay horror film. He describes the movie, based on an unnamed novel, as tackling “class and queerness.”

In the past, the straight actor has had this to say about the idea of playing gay parts:

I have been asked, a few times, should a straight actor play a gay part? And every time I have been honest and said ... “I don’t know.” In my head, Johnny [in God's Own Country] was struggling with things beyond his sexuality; it was his isolation, and his emotional articulacy.

Brian-ferrari-boycultureThe, er, uncut version shows Martin's entire sausage. (Image via eBay)

BRIAN FERRARI'S BLOG: Via Kenneth in the (212), completely naked photos of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis together in a shower have surfaced — and they're legit! They were part of the collection of Martin's longtime friend and driver, were auctioned off previously by Sotheby's (without fully emphasizing the uniquely naked nature of them) and the most reveal shot just sold on eBay for over $4,000.

NYT: Sounds like the Bruce-mcarthur-gay-serial-killer-boycultureBruce McArthur serial killer case in Canada would have been wrapped up long before it was, if only the police department weren't crippled by anti-gay biases:

Several times the police interviewed the killer, Bruce McArthur, who would eventually plead guilty in 2019. But each time they failed to link him to the deaths and let him go, allowing him to continue his killing spree.

Some investigators, the review found, “had misconceptions or stereotypical ideas” about the L.G.B.T.Q. community that “impeded their work.”

SOCIALITE LIFE: Sounds like Justin Bieber nearly died during his druggy phase.

CBS NEWS: The Kenosha, Wisconsin, officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake last year has been welcomed back to work with open arms — no discipline, no legal jeopardy. In a statement, Officer Rusten Sheskey's boss said:

Officer Sheskey was not charged with any wrong doing. He acted within the law and was consistent with training... Officer Sheskey was found to have been acting within policy and will not be subjected to discipline.

Sheskey shot Blake seven times as he entered his vehicle during a domestic dispute call. Sheskey claimed he feared Blake would stab him.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trump devotee Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-North Carolina) wants to make Trump's border wall a protected national monument. You can't make it up, nor would you wanna.

TMZ: Bobby Brown thinks the late Nick Gordon was responsible for his daughter Bobbi Kristina's death — but he also thinks Whitney Houston would be alive today were it not for Gordon.

INSTAGRAM: Come for Julie Christie, stay for Bradford Dillman:

INSTAGRAM: Patrick Perkins has confirmed the death of his twin brother, fellow social media influencer Adam Perkins, best known for his impossibly short, impossibly popular Vine HI, WELCOME TO CHILI's:

Adam-perkins-boycutlureAdam died Sunday (Images via social media)