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Apr 23 2021
Roy Wonder: First Look At Ryan Murphy's HALSTON Comments (0)

Boyculture HALSTON_105_Unit_00157RCHe had designs on everyone. (Images via Netflix)

As per usual (although that was not the case with that tragic Boys in the Band Net-flick), Ryan Murphy seems to have the LOOK fetishistically perfect for his upcoming, highly anticipated Netflix limited series Halston, devoted to the life of the legendary gay designer.

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_Film_00015R_sign02Gian Franco Rodriguez as Victor Hugo, receating Hugo's pose for Warhol

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_103_Unit_02046RC2_signKrysta Rodriguez as Liza, Ewan McGregor as Halston

These images were released on what would've been Halston's 89th (he died of AIDS complications at 57 in 1990), and come with Murphy's recent assurance that Ewan McGregor was really “the only” person for the part, which was probably an attempt to ask activists to lay off his casting of a straight man to play a gay icon.

Boyculture HALSTON_105_Unit_00109RCDesigning man

As I wrote before, I think it's great when a gay actor gets to play a gay character, mainly because for so long, gay actors have been denied the right to play really any characters, so not being cast as gay ones felt even more of a gut-punch. But because actors are beginning to actually come out, and because more and more are working, I do not think hiring only gay actors to play gay parts will stick. I think that was a battle 15 years ago, and today it's only flaring up when some straight actor gets it so wrong (James Corden). Trans and racial issues in casting are not the same, in my opinion.

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_101_Unit_02339RC_sign03Rory Culkin plays Halston's bestie, the late Joel Schumacher

If you really want some insight into who Roy Halston was, check out the Frédéric Tcheng doc Halston (2019) — review here

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_Film_00002R2_sign03David Pittu as Joe Eula, Halston's creative director

But I'll give this Halston a shot, too. I just hope it is half as good as it looks.

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_Film_00005R2_sign02Rebecca Dayan as jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, who just died a month ago

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_Film_00013R_sign“Give me every drug you've got!”

Boyculture Polaroid_HALSTON_104_Unit_01323RC2_signIf nothing else, Murphy has a future faking vintage Polaroids.

Boyculture EN-US_HALS_Main_Vertical_27x40_RGB_PRE20210316-4827-chfpnvAn American original

Halston premieres on Netflix on May 14.