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Apr 12 2021
OnlyFans As Self-Care? + Nancy Reagan Was No AIDS Angel + Pepper-Spraying Cop Fired + Henry Cavill Loves Girls + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Influencers explained.

BELOW: Keep reading for OnlyFans as therapy, that pepper-spraying cop gets shit-canned, why Nancy Reagan's legacy should NOT be as AIDS angel and more ...

Nick-vallejo-butt-ass-booty-onlyfans-shirtless-boycultureHole pics to feel whole (Image via Twitter)

OUTSPORTS: Nick Vallejo, an out gay surfer, has started up on OnlyFans, and says he's doing it to build up his own self-esteem and to feel sexy.

Aids-reagan-rock-hudson-nancy-buzzfeed-boycultureHudson begged for help, Nancy refused it, claiming it was to avoid preferential treatment. (Image via Buzzfeed/Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

WONKETTE: Lesley Stahl helmed a grotesque CBS Sunday Morning piece that lavished praise on  Nancy Reagan, pretending that the original Melania were some kind of AIDS champion — behind the scenes. This is all coming from WaPo writer Karen Tumulty, who is hawking a book on the dead B-movie actress who sucked a lot on the lot and a lot worse as a first lady. Wonkette does a good job of exposing the lies Tumulty tells in order to weave this story that Nancy gave a shit about Rock Hudson or about anyone with AIDS. In reality, Nancy Reagan was complicit with her husband's unforgivable silence regarding AIDS — including behind the scenes. Speaking up six years into a pandemic deserves no kudos.

Joe-gutierrez-pepper-boycultureSo much for being deferential to service members ... (Image via video still)

NYT: Officer Joe Gutierrez, a Windsor, Virginia, Windsor-virginia-pepper-spra-caron-nazario-joe-gutierrez-boyculturecop who out of nowhere pepper-sprayed Black and Latino army medic Caron Nazario — who was in uniform at the time — has been fired. The incident happened on December 5; a lawsuit was brought April 2, after which time shocking body cam footage revealed the events of the traffic stop, and Gutierrez, who was acting with fellow officer Daniel Crocker, was only fired after that footage became public. Otherwise, Gutierrez's superiors, who had possession of the footage, had been sticking with him.

The reason Nazario was stopped was for having no license plates. In fact, he was driving a new car with temporary plates taped inside the windows. Frighteningly, all of this transpired at a well-lighted gas station; Nazario drove a mile so as not to be stopped on a darkened road in the tiny village. Wonder what would've gone down in the dark?

The incident is being investigated by the city as well as by the state, whose governor is Ralph Northam. Northam was widely ridiculed for having donned blackface decades ago, but had refused to resign and now enjoys widespread support — even after COVID-19. Good example of someone who did something gross and racist apologizing and meaning it.

CNN: Prison Gaetz has been denied a coveted meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Anti-trans bills like the one in Arkansas, which seek to ban kids from receiving hormone treatments, physically endanger children, a new study suggests. Sounds like a big win for transphobes, since that is the motivation behind their desire to block such gender-affirming treatments from minors, to eradicate trans people.

INSTAGRAM: HENRY CAVILL IS GAY was on social media, but this week he is Instagram-official with his chess-playing new GF. I liked this follow-up comment:

Henry-cavill-gay-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

P.S. Henry Cavill is lucky people don't talk about him dating that 19-year-old from 2016; nothing wrong with it, but certainly now people are far more likely to disapprove and speak in whispered tones of grooming. I just hope he doesn't agree with everything his trainer says.

ARTNET: I am an incorrigible and probably self-harming collector of Madonna, photography, gay beefcake, art and more. I have always found collecting both fascinating and personally enthralling, so reading about Roxane Gay's plunge into art collecting was a perverse pleasure, like I had handed her the needle.

KENNETH IN THE (212): The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot has arrived, and I think Kenneth has the exact correct choices.

EXTRATV: A Big Brother reality star has succumbed after a lifelong battle with anorexia.

Channing-tatum-abs-boycultureMagic Mike-drop moment (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Channing Tatum flaunts his abs.

WONDERWALL: TV's first lesbian Housewife, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, has broken up with her girlfriend.

INSTAGRAM: A special birthday wish to the sexy young Ed O'Neill and to my buddy Jane Withers, whom I've met several times thanks to a mutual acquaintance. Incredible person who was, in her prime, a gigantic international star and household name right up there with Shirley Temple. In fact, she is probably one of the last lead actors of the '30s still with us. After child stardom, she also appeared memorably in Giant and as Josephine the Plumber;