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Apr 28 2021
No, Kamala's Book Isn't Being Foisted On Immigrants + Randy Quaid For Governor?! + ANOTHER GAY MOVIE Oral History + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Rafael Nadal ... is a legend.

BELOW: Keep reading for why The New York Post is neither lively nor witty, an engrossing oral history of gay gross-out comedy Another Gay Movie and more ...

New-York-Post-Kamala-Harris-Italiano-boycultureShe called the Post NYC's “liveliest, wittiest” tabloid. Uh ... no. (Image via Twitter)

WAPO: Laura Italiano, a longtime New York Post writer, has resigned after she says she was forced to file that story that Kamala Harris's book was being foisted on immigrants — a story that was shown to be a lie.

Another-gay-movie-tla-boycultureMichael Carbonaro sauce (Image via TLA)

AV CLUB: An, ahem, oral Randy-Quaid-boyculturehistory of Another Gay Movie — which is turning 15 years old.

CNN: Even Bill Kristol thinks Tucker Carlson is a tool, and said he always had “a mean streak” and was a bit of a “bully.”

UPROXX: Caitlyn — oh, but wait, it gets better: Now Randy Quaid is considering running for governor of California. Not even if you were Dennis, bro.

DLISTED: Oh, God — made for each other. Van Jones and Kim Kardashian are said to be dating.

INSTAGRAM: The legend herself, Ann-Margret, is turning 80. She is a good example of a person I would have present at the Oscars — not that producers asked me!