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Apr 21 2021
Stacey Abrams Came Prepared + Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting + Gay Youth & Suicide + Ryan Murphy Teases HALSTON + RIP Tempest Storm + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: We need a new word for wifebeater.

BELOW: Keep reading for Stacey Abrams kicking asses and taking Nobel Peace Prizes, Chris Christie's big idea, the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting, Derek Chauvin's mug shot, the only man to play Halston and more ...

JOHN-KENNEDY-stacey-abrams-boycultureSenator, you're no Jack Kennedy. (Images via video still)

TWITTER: Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) smugly asked Stacey Abrams to explain why she is against the new voting law in Georgia, and why she finds it racist, only to then try to trip her up with constant interruptions — and he was in for a surprise: The woman who was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize was PREPARED.

AXIOS: Chris Christie is seriously considering running.


Oh. For president.

COLUMBIA DISPATCH: Ma'Khia Bryant, 16, was shot dead by police Tuesday after she called the cops in Columbus, Ohio, over an altercation with other girls. Bryant apparently had a knife, but there is no indication officers made any effort to assess the situation, let alone de-escalate things. The excuse is that they have to shoot when someone is about to injure or kill someone else.

NBC NEWS: Nearly a third of gay youth have attempted suicide.

COMPLEX: Some people still think — and gay people are among them — that celebrities come out as nonbinary or gay or trans for attention and success. Lil Nas X was sick of hearing that, so challenged people to name 5 successful gay men of the past 10 years.

Michael landon-bulge boyculture
GR8ERDAYS: A slew of TV and movie stars showing VPL — bulge-tastic! (The pic above is a video still of a young Michael Landon.)

DAZED DIGITAL: Sounds like Cher is game to pop up on RuPaul's Drag Race.

HUFF POST: The Biden DOJ, headed up by Merrick Garland, has announced a sweeping probe of the Minnesota PD in the wake of the conviction of Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd.

GiphyEwan danger, girl. (GIF via GIPHY)

PINK NEWS: For some odd reason, creator Ryan Murphy says of his upcoming Halston Netflix project that Ewan McGregor wasn't just surprisingly right for the titular role of the iconic fashion designer, he “was the only choice.” High praise for his star, but also a none-too-subtle warning to take it or leave it, viewers.

MR. MAN BLOG: Kumail Nanjiani's arms are now thicker than your legs.

KENNETH IN THE (212): The origin story of Animotion's “Obsession.”

EXTRATV: RIP to burlesque legend Tempest Storm, 93. She dated Elvis, won Best Props in Hollywood at the satirical Mickey Awards (to which she was escorted by Martin & Lewis), married Black singing cowboy Herb Jeffries, earned 100K a year in the '50s with her 41s and stripped until age 82.

D4q9yc8-6eb872dc-f944-4857-9ae8-973670e2b40aStorm in 1955's Teaserama with fellow icon Bettie Page (GIF via GIPHY)