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Apr 30 2021
Wannabe-Listers: Unearthed 1980s DANCE PARTY USA Salutes Madonna Comments (0)

Madonna-drag-queen-boycultureBoy Toy boy (Image via video still)

This is a long-lost treasure — a full episode of Dance Party USA from I would guess about 1988 that is a Madonnathon. My God, the hair is so unapologetically ratted, the moves so thoughtlessly dorky ... it's a time capsule of teen cringe. I love it.

Also of note: A boy in drag appears on the show, and while he is used for the host to make a face, he has a great quip when said host gripes, “You need a shave,” replying: “I need a LOTTA things.”

Watch and enjoy, but try not to be like the commenters on YouTube, who think the '80s were the last time music was good, nobody judged anyone in the '80s and racism didn't exist then ...