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May 20 2021
Alleged Scammer Gets Scrambled Outside The Ritz NYC Comments (0)

Scammer-nyc-boycultureSeen him? (Image via social media)

Yes, Wednesday was the first day in NYC when it was deemed Nyc-scammer-boyculture okay for fully vaccinated people to go anywhere without a mask (provided a business allows it, even inside).

And yes, Hell's Kitchen has taken a hit when it comes to more transients and other desperate folks — including a shocking anti-Asian hate crime on my quiet block.

But a Wednesday-evening brawl outside The Ritz on W. 46th Street had nothing to do with either of those things, and everything to do with a purported scammer being spotted and dropped.

The man, who has been accused of ducking out on bar tabs — and who Monét X Change wants a piece of — is seen on video being pummeled by a Ritz doorman, uncharitably referred to as an old man, and taking some guff from local queen Stasi, too.

Shirtless, he incredibly is allowed to wander off. Cops were called but failed to arrive quickly (there is a full-on police station on W. 42nd and 10th, so, five blocks away) — perhaps peeved at being disinvited from Pride this year.

Ritz-scammer-nyc-boycultureMonét-Monét-Monét-Monét ... Monét! (Image via social media)

Hope they catch this guy and mete out justice since street justice will never get you anything but, well, views: