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May 02 2021
Ginger Fever + Billie Eilish The Blonde Bombshell + Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of COVID-19 + Caitlyn Abandons Other Trans Athletes + MORE! — 10-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: So-fine art.

BELOW: Keep reading for ginger fever, Billie Eilish the bombshell and more...

Super-gingersIt's that time again! (Image via Thomas Knights)

KICKSTARTER: The Super Gingers 2022 Calendar is (nearly) here!

NEW YORKER: Here is a great example of something you will definitely get that Liza Minnelli does not get.

Billie-Eilish-boyculture2020 vs. 2021! “It's all about what makes you feel good now.” (Images via China Vogue & Vogue)

VOGUE: Billie Eilish posed for Craig McDean for her latest Vogue cover. She told the magazine she wished to show more of her body, and to pay homage to mid-century pinup girls. Mission: Accomplished.

Asian-gay-boyculture-auDoctor in the house (Image via A&U)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Gay mags of the week.

BBC: Kenyan quack doctor — an anti-vaxxer — dies of COVID-19.

Sandra-bernhard-pose-boycultureNurse Sandy (Image via FX)

NYP: Sandra Bernhard on her game-changing series Pose, which comes to an end after Season 3.

Simpsons-julio-gay-boycultureFree Julio! (Image via FOX)

BOING-BOING: A long-running Simpsons character, who is gay and Cuban, will now be voiced by an actor who is — cue those who whine about cancel culture being a thing — actually gay and Cuban. This is a good thing!

TWITTER: Fake patriot Michael Flynn led a crowd of yahoos in a recital of the pledge of allegiance ... and forgot the words:



TMZ: Caitlyn Jenner's got hers (which she accomplished by suppressing who she really was until old age), and now she wants to close the door for other trans athletes by saying trans girls should not be allowed to compete against other girls. Also, West Virginia is a shithole:

EXTRATV: She's only 14, but Dannielynn Birkhead — the late Anna Nicole Smith's daughter — is looking very grown up at her annual Kentucky Derby outing with dad Larry Birkhead.