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May 27 2021
Naked Art + Louis DeJoy About To Feel Some DePain? + Disney's 10th First Gay Character + Isn't It Gay-Romantic? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)


ABOVE: Halston by Antonio Lopez. More Antonio. 

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked work of art, why Louis DeJoy shouldn't redecorate his office, the remarkable moment gay romances are having and more ...

Cole-prattes-shirtless-boycultureA work of art (Image via Mr. Man)

MR. MAN BLOG: Tons of TV nudity, James-robert-morrison-gay-boycultureincluding Cole Prattes on This Is Us.

AXIOS: This is another reason to believe Louis DeJoy's days are numbered.

CREATIVE BOOM: The gay erotic art of James Robert Morrison.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Guy in and out of mask, with nice tits.

FORBES: Good point about Disney pretending to have a “first” gay character over and over.

USA TODAY: Gay romances, like the new Paul Rudnick novel, are having a moment — hey, Boy Culture and Blind Items: A (Love) Story are gay romances!

So are these, more erotic, books.

Playing-the-palace-paul-rudnick-book-boycultureIsn't it romantic? (Image via Berkley)