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May 16 2021
Gay Cops Out Of Pride NYC + Jean Smart Choices + Kate McKinnon Absorbs Liz Cheney + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Quinn Jaxon, front and center.

BELOW: No cops at NYC Pride, Jean Smart alert, for lovers of underarms and more ...

GAY-COPS-NYC-PRIDE-MATTHEW-RETTENMUNDKeep waving! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

WOKV: No cops at Pride in NYC until at least 2025, and gay officers are “disheartened.” (Any word on how they feel about police brutality?) Instead, more private and community-based security will be used. It's ... an experiment.

SNL: Fave part of SNL? Kate McKinnon as Liz Cheney saying she loved Trump “like a straight sister.” 

GR8ERDAYS: Dick Van Dyke is 95 and ready to return to the stage. Indefatigable. Also: Rick Shroder, Janet Jackson, Dolly Parton and Jean Smart.

VULTURE: Speaking of Jean Smart, everyone is raving about Hacks on HBO Max, and I ... agree. It's not the “dark” comedy that was pitched, so much as a battle of the Boomer vs. the millennial, with Smart's take on Roseanne Barr/Joan Rivers/Rita Rudner as the anchor. Only two episodes so far, but it's insightful and witty, plus au courant, touching on so-called cancel culture nonobnoxiously. (I am also loving Mare of Easttown.)

SOCIALITE LIFE: We used to avoid underarm hair pics of teen idols when I ran a teen mag. Girls hate it. (Boys love it, though.)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Dude accused of killing his wife is now accused of illegally using her vote in the presidential election of 2020. I'll give you one guess who she voted for.

Suzanne-morphew-barry-boycultureAn unforced error of epic proportions. (Image via mug shot)